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Smarter Data Reporting,
At Your Service

Stop wasting valuable time, resources and patience compiling data reports and making sense of analytics. The data and the reports are critical — the labor cost and lost hours are not. It’s time to call in the experts.

Dash services completely automate and refine reporting across your entire business. With a technical framework that connects to any data source, we can assemble every possible combination of metrics and create reports that clearly capture real-time performance — from the big picture to the tiny details — saving you time, money and sanity.

Dash Can Help

We Turn Data
Into Solutions

Our team of world-class reporting experts will help you make sense of performance data and show you how to put it into action by displaying it in functional reports. With a proven track record of intelligent data interpretation and display, Dash helps take the guesswork out of strategy.

Stop playing with analytics, and start seeing results with Dash data reporting services.


Working with the team has been a dream! It’s refreshing to finally find a company with such an incredible work ethic and enthusiasm for doing an excellent job. We feel very lucky to team up with an organization like this. Dash opened the door to a new kind of decision making.

Peter Selby,
CEO of Business Drivers

Performance measurement is a tricky nut to crack for many businesses. But, WOW — the MyDash team has actually made seeing your data, understanding it, and tracking KPIs simple! I'm thrilled to partner with them to help businesses and teams communicate and operate more efficiently with custom Dash tools. The Dash team and the platform are game-changers because they give you real-time access to understand how your business is performing, day in and day out. In pairing built-for-your business data visualization with expert consulting, teams can focus more on operational efficiency and less on the chore of pulling data together.

Taylor Shanklin,
CEO, Barlele

Dash is the first thing I turn to the morning as it gives me a live snapshot of our sales. It takes analytic data from multiple sources and synthesizes it so it's understandable and actionable. It's critical to have in today's market so everyone on my team can make changes to improve conversions, increase sales and decrease costs.

Julie Fry,
Co-Founder, Gentreo

Clear, Actionable Reports

Let your data paint a clear picture of your performance so you can make smart decisions quickly and confidently. You’ll always know what’s working and what’s not with customized dashboards that visualize real-time measurements.

When you let Dash automate your data reporting, you can spend more time monitoring and delivering results across the board.
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Verified Expertise

We can collect, organize and clearly display any data from any digital source, but we don't stop there. Our reporting service is executed by subject matter specialists who are eager to help business leaders get the most out of data and put it to work.

Our verified experts can provide accurate, actionable reporting across any industry. Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you use your data to achieve them.
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Decisions Made Easy

Your performance strategy and success isn’t a guessing game, so stop treating it like one.

Dash reporting services make it easier to strategize and make major business decisions. We help you pinpoint the metrics and data worth watching, and put it together in a simple on-demand dashboard that’s easy to use and understand.

Stop worrying about tracking data, and focus on the strategies that bring your business to life. 
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ROI Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Cost Per Lead Decrease

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SaaS will always dominate analytics - the tools out there today are incredible, and powerful.  But they fail to meet the reporting needs of modern leaders.


SaaS will always dominate analytics - the tools out there today are incredible, and powerful.  But they fail to meet the reporting needs of modern leaders.


SaaS will always dominate analytics - the tools out there today are incredible, and powerful.  But they fail to meet the reporting needs of modern leaders.

See how it works.

«"My Software" can do that too.»
But they won’t do it for you.
That means you really wind up doing that.
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