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MyDash gives you the most flexibility in terms of how you deploy
and what data you can securely connect to. Now you can showcase your data  and connect to multiple data sources all at once!

Regardless of where your data resides — whether it is stored in the clouds, spreadsheets, on-premise servers or anywhere else, our unnumerable pre-built connectors have you all covered.
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Google My Business
Get started in minutes by connecting your Google My Business account to Dashiverse
Google My Business is a Google feature that allows you to manage your company's web presence across Google Maps and Google Search, as well as track the data of your nearby companies. You may learn how customers found your business, where they came from, and how many potential customers called your company from local search results and maps using Google My Business.

You can use Dashiverse to track your most essential Google My Business KPIs, as well as metrics from other platforms, and monitor them on any device, including a computer, a mobile device, an Apple Watch, a TV display, and Slack. You may more easily monitor and maximise your business's value from Google by creating reporting dashboards using data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google My Business.
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MyDash has predefined dashboard template for all your key metrics
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(All Time)
Whether you want to build a successful data driven marketing strategy or you need to prepare a visualization for deeper insight of your data, MyDash provides you with numerous templates allowing you a robust, out-of-the box, and customizable features.
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