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Integration and
Extensibility with
MyDash gives you the most flexibility in terms of how you deploy
and what data you can securely connect to. Now you can showcase your data  and connect to multiple data sources all at once!

Regardless of where your data resides — whether it is stored in the clouds, spreadsheets, on-premise servers or anywhere else, our unnumerable pre-built connectors have you all covered.
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Create a Zendesk Dashboard by
selecting pre-built metrics via
Zendesk is a customer support software that aims to provide the best possible customer experience. Your clients may interact with you anytime, wherever, and through whatever channel they want thanks to the integrated interface.

With MyDash, you may create a custom Zendesk dashboard to track the progress of your customer support team and resource papers. Track ticket times and customer satisfaction with a real-time dashboard.
See this Dashboard in action here