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Purposes of
a Custom Dashboard

Create a Role-Specific Dashboard

Every business is comprised of different departments and teams. A custom dashboard can help managers display the progress of individualized goals and strategies. This can be done for either a whole department or one operator to help ensure objectives are met.

Display Most Important Data

Not every piece of data you collect is going to be important or relevant to your company. Use a software dashboard to put together the graphs, charts, and tables that display the metrics that provide value to you. Customize the dashboard’s look to make some information more prominent than others.

Customize to Business Needs

The needs of every business are unique, so creating custom reports is a useful way to help achieve your specific goals and encourage growth. Company dashboards will provide insights into what is working for your team and what isn’t. You can alter your plan and head down the road of landing more deals.
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Who Needs a Custom Dashboard

When deciding if you want a custom dashboard, you have to consider if you’ll be using it for reporting or analytics.

Reporting and analytics are different things:


Reporting shows your internal team how you are doing towards your goals.


Analytics analyzes 100x more data to find areas of improvement and help achieve your company’s goals.

Reporting is the game score, whereas analytics helps you make calls while the game is running.

Tracking key information across an organization is difficult, even with
new technical innovations.
SaaS BI and Analytics tools are built for the ‘most common’ use cases, which means they can handle a lot, but they don’t cover everything. Companies often end up pulling out information and compiling them into a separate report.
Custom dashboards are for those who want to focus on reporting over analytics. Organizations don’t have to track their own key indicators through software and all relevant information can be compiled in one place.

Why You Need a Custom Dashboard

Everything you need will be displayed just the way you need it.
You can drive more value rather than paying teams to spend time making power points and excel reports.
You can make more accurate decisions 10-20x faster by tracking ket initiatives in real-time vs. waiting for monthly or quarterly reports.

Building a Custom Dashboard
with My Dash

Even when you have custom requirements for a dashboard, My Dash does all the heavy lifting for you. You give our experts your specifications and you’ll be presented with an informative and visual software dashboard.

Below is the My Dash process for custom dashboard:

You reach out and tell us what you want on your dashboard. You provide the metrics and data sources that you want to see.

The My Dash team provides suggestions on the different chart types and build a mock up on Adobe XD - free of charge!

Once you’ve viewed the mockup, you can quality check, make changes, and approve it so it meets your individual needs.

My Dash will custom code the dashboard and give you access. Each chart is hand coded by our developers and we build data connectors for each data source (FB ads, Google Ads, Salesforce, etc) through API.

You then have your completed custom dashboard!

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Custom Dashboard Pricing

The cost of a custom dashboard depends entirely on implementation. Most organizations will buy a SaaS BI or Analytics tool and pay internal developers to install the tool. You’ll also have to pay the software company’s service fees and pay an analyst to learn to operate the tool and learn key information.

Just the software is about ¼ of the total cost of using a mainstream tool to build a custom dashboard.

Depending on the organization, custom development projects built from scratch can cost as much or more than buying an off-the-shelf solution.

Using My Dash

My Dash has over 100 consulting partners that expedite data visualization by helping organizations understand their key metrics before dashboarding begins.
We’ve built a framework of charts and key integrations so we can produce a ‘from scratch’ dashboard in ‘out of the box’ time frames.
We’re consistently less expensive than leading software tool licensing tools alone. This is often ¼ the initial cost of using a mainstream, off-the-shelf tool.

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