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Monthly Financial

A monthly financial is a type of financial dashboard that will help you track KPIs, expenses, sales, and profits. By looking at the relevant data, you’ll be able to meet your financial goals for your business.

Some forms of statistics you can examine
in monthly financial include:

Compare financial data month-to-month


Earnings before interest and taxes

Operating profit margin

Net profit margin

Return on assets

Working capital ratio

Income statement

Return on equity

Planned turnover

Pricing and Supply

A pricing and supply is one of the best dashboarding tools you can use to keep track of business finances. It’s been made for companies that want insights into their supply chain for specific products.

You can clearly visualize valuable data such as units shipped, sold, and in hand, in one place. It’s also used to track supply chain KPIs, inventory levels, logistic management, and warehouse operations.

Some forms of statistics you can examine in pricing and supply include:

Supply chain overview

Sales if unit price decreases

Sales if unit price increases

Supply chain cost per category

Supply chain costs vs. sales

Consolidated Accounts Payable

Accountants frequently use these forms of company dashboards. The analysis will allow you to examine the payments being made to the company’s vendors.

You can easily have a look at how much money is going in and out with each vendor associated with a business. It allows you to improve negotiations with vendors and reduce any unnecessary risks.

Some forms of statistics you can examine in consolidated accounts payable include:


Profit loss




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