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KPI Tracking

A KPI is a key performance indicator. They allow you to see how effectively your business is achieving goals that have been set. Each KPI can be used at different levels to evaluate your level of success in reaching your objectives.

KPI tracking involves collecting, organizing, and visualizing the metrics that are related to your business goals. You’re then presented with an easy-to-read overview of your company’s performance and growth all in one place. It allows you to make important decisions on how you can reach your goals in the long run.

How Can I Track KPIs?

Below are the best steps to track KPIs:

Set Your KPIs

Before tracking KPIs, you need to come up with what your KPIs are. The best way to set your KPIs is to ensure they are specific, measurable, and relevant. If you follow these three components, you’re bound to get the best metrics for your business.

Use a KPI

The best KPI dashboard will allow you to track your KPIs with ease and see how they measure up to your goals. Once you have a KPI template, you will be able to choose the metrics you want to analyze. You’ll get an optimized view of all data in one place with various widgets and filters to make the process easier.

Adjust and Reevaluate
KPIs Regularly

After using business intelligence platforms to track your KPIs, you can share the results with different team members and stakeholders. However, not all performance metrics are successful, so you’ll need to adjust your KPIs to see growth. Adjust and reevaluate your KPIs regularly and use your dashboard to monitor your progress.

Benefits of Tracking Your KPIs

Below are the key benefits of KPI tracking:


You can easily view how well your business is performing and how close you are to achieving your goals. You’ll always get actionable insights due to measurable and quantifiable KPIs, such as the number of sales and the proportion of new leads in a given time frame.


Analyzing KPI templates can help you set short and long-term goals for your company. By looking at simplified metrics using a digital dashboard, you can see how your business is performing and determine your new goals depending on the progress of the KPIs.


With real-time insights from KPI tracking, you can quickly eradicate any issues that may pop up. It will also help you prevent these issues from occurring in the future. Similarly, you can analyze client feedback to improve your business.

Save Business

If you don’t track KPIs, you’ll never know if you’re spending money on a project that’s showing zero results. With KPIs, you can easily cut out actions that may not be cost-effective and put more money into more successful projects.

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