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Do you have a great product or service but feel like you are not resonating with your ideal client? We get it and have seen many great companies stay “flat and in the middle” because they are simply not telling their story in a way that makes sense to their buyer.

A brand is owning your voice and showing up with it through stories, visualization, and proof of how you bring value into someone’s life.
Taylor Shanklin, Barlele Founder and CEO

At Barlele (bar-lay-lay) we help growth-focused businesses, startups and entrepreneurs get their brand, pitch and authentic voice on point. By minimizing distractions and maximizing on the things that matter most to your audience, you will achieve brand lift-off and grow.

We're partnered with Dash because we want to help you connect the dots between brand awareness, marketing programs and sales performance.

We work with companies to:
- Hit high growth through effective messaging, positioning and brand identity
- Measure the impact of the time and effort you put into your brand
- Iterate and improve based on regular and ongoing measurement consulting

Barlele means only soaring because we believe that by minimizing messaging distractions, and maximizing the focus on what your buyer is trying to solve, your brand will lift-off and your company will grow and soar.

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