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Top 5 Data Analytics Tools for Data Visualization

Since time immemorial, we have been making use of data to visualize facts and figures that lead us to meaningful conclusions. With time, technology kept evolving in these segments of data visualization and we got more and more dependent on this fast-paced technology for our entrepreneurial work. Data visualization tools have proved their niche in the market for their easy accessibility and user-friendliness in creating dashboards that give us the ‘right metrics’ for marketing, expenditures and financial value creation for our organization. There is a strong shift in technology innovation that has given rise to smart, self-teaching data visualization applications for us to carry out organizational tasks. Read on to know more about these smart tools:

PowerBI is a very useful and insightful tool for data visualization created by Microsoft’s analytics business platform. It is one of the best technologies Microsoft has offered for beginners for creating interactive dashboards for organizational data visualization. It offers theme-based templates that come in a free version and an affordable entrepreneurial version in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. These ready-to-use templates can be created in conversational language that can be rendered in clear and eye-appealing graphical representation.

Tableau has been leading its way in the data visualization industry providing clear, comprehensive and cloud-based data analytics in the best graphical representation possible. It offers everything that PowerBI has but its flexibility in generating data is much more than any other in the industry. Its free version is available in the market in the form of ‘Tableau Public’ that requires no coding to generate data. It has an extensive library of data visualizations in the world with over 1 million user-generated data collection possibilities. Through this platform, users can connect with professionals all around the world to collect data in the forms of graphs or maps, create amazing graphics on its dashboard and embed them on their organization’s platform.  

With over 50,000 customer base throughout the world, QlikSense offers a free platform for powerful data visualization and business intelligence. It offers an extensive range of analytics services - from data exploration to conversational analytics and amplified intelligence. One of its strongest capabilities lies in fetching data from multiple external sources like cloud services where data can be analysed and combined through its ‘Connect and API’ functions. There is also an availability of third-party resources via a community-based option in QlikSense that offers a better understanding of data usage to new users.   

Looker has been offering a new generation of data visualization tools, making the lives of the employees easier in self-creating dashboards from a vast library of colorful and insightful ready-made templates. These templates can be applied to your data, letting you explore different methods of presenting data. Its best feature is that the dashboard can be created by multiple users in a custom format. It is user friendly in a way that anybody from the management team to staff team to customers can set up these Dashboards.

MyDash has opened a door to a new kind of decision making through data visualization, analysing, creation and distribution in a user-friendly and easy format.  As compared to other tools, it gives a host of incredible and powerful features to custom code dashboards by including varied chart types or any other data source with a theoretically infinite number of customized features like chart toggles, data roll-overs, icons, advanced date selector, export formats (csv, jpeg & pdf) and many more. Dashboard tools offered by other companies have a limited number of data sources, fixed template design and a selected number of charts, MyDash offers numerous custom-coded dashboard designs connected to any kind of data sources as per the requirement. It makes data calculation easier from global platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, etc. in cleaner graphics and its flexible trend indicator reports the changes in data on a regular basis. It also provides advanced data up-gradation features in calendars where particular data (like a sales chart of a particular month) can be fetched and presented to the third party for data visualization. It presents an extensive proprietary chart library to choose the best possible representation of the data as per the requirement. It has the following products:

·         MyDash: It is a Web App, offered as a service, that exclusively custom codes dashboard and connects them to any data source as per the requirement. It offers infinite possibilities of data sources and chart designs for any amount of data to be accumulated and viewed. The chart and data connector status page is exclusive to MyDash along with an admin panel that gives the authority to an admin for adding or removing users from their dashboard. It has a one-time payment mode and multi-user set-up. The registrations to MyDash Web App are restricted to selected clients. Data connection is mostly through a server to server REST API calls.

·         YourDash: It is a subscription-based Web App that allows users to connect to a limited but most popular data source and has a fixed set of dashboards templates that can be unlocked by registered users. Currently, YourDash connects with Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Salesforce for data sourcing. Data connection is through OAuth 2.0. An effort is taken to add at least one new data source and one new dashboard template every month.

·         DemoDash: It is the free version of MyDash and presented for demo purposes. It has one dashboard connected to a data source – Google Analytics.      

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