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Dashboards Every Marketing Agency Needs

Are you overwhelmed with all the generated marketing data and looking for a way to consolidate it all into understandable data sets? There are easy ways to track your data and analyze your data the way you seem fit. You can do this with the help of marketing dashboards.

What is a marketing dashboard?

Marketing dashboards are online tools used to track key performance indicators, to investigate advertising and business endeavors after some time and across numerous channels. It is a good way for a marketing agency to showcase their work's worth to a client. You can find more in-depth information about digital marketing dashboards here.

Why should you use one?

By utilizing a powerful dashboard that incorporates your client's pertinent advertising KPIs and information sources across the board in one place, you can rapidly clarify what your results mean for your client's primary goals and it makes it simpler to set further goals, examine future expectations and objectives since you're both working off similar information.

Here are a few of the dashboards you could consider.

Financial Dashboard

Having a good grasp of the finances of your business is crucial to your business growth. A financial dashboard will help you do just that. It can help you track the following:

  • Gross Revenue – This will help you know exactly how much your annual returns are, how much you're spending internally, and what the profit margins are. You can then plan how you spend each dollar.
  • Income from Clients – With this, you can see which clients are helping the most in pushing your agency forward so that you can give more importance to those particular clients. 
  • Accounts Receivable – Agencies, especially the small ones, will find that keeping track of payment patterns helps discerning whether they want to continue working with a particular client or if stopping is a better option.
  • Costs and overhead – This will help you track if you're spending more than what you're making so that you can correct the ratio and improve profits.

You can try out this financial dashboard by My Dash to help you meet the financial goals for your business.

Project Management Dashboard

Agencies work for multiple clients at a time. Naturally, you will have more than a few employees working on multiple clients at once. The PM dashboard makes it easy for you to keep a track of the workings of each project. With this, you can view what's going on with a single view. You can also include metrics like upcoming projects, billable vs. non-billable work, and team updates.

Leads Dashboard

Your lead dashboard should work as an approach to monitor your outreach group just as the leads that you are producing through your promotional drives. This would incorporate information to assist you with distinguishing which of your sales reps are meeting their standards, which aren't, just as where leads are coming from, which leads are nearest to conversion, and which need further support. Monitoring your leads will help you close more business as your follow-ups will be quicker and outreach group usefulness will be higher.

Overall Client Performance Dashboard

This is the place where a general customer execution dashboard can be exceptionally convenient. You will be equipped with the fundamental KPIs which will help you show that you have a good grasp of your client's business and performance. In this dashboard, you can incorporate measurements like site visits, organic inquiry traffic, online media follows pay-per-click spends, profit from ad spends, and any measurements that you may find persuading and helpful.

Marketing Dashboard

This information dashboard would help you oversee the campaigns that you have running and assist you with figuring out which strategies and campaigns are working, which aren't, and how you can improve. 

KPIs here incorporate site traffic, guest to lead transformation, lead to client close rate, the adequacy of every strategy or channel, content, web-based media, pay-per-click, and whatever other mediums that you're utilizing to market yourself or your client.

With these models and KPIs, you're good to go! You may be working in a marketing agency or you may be an independent freelancer. Advertising dashboards are essential for you to follow every one of your information sources right away, get a decent outline of how your strategies are performing, and make changes likewise. You can even make customer dashboards for yourself here, so you don’t miss out on any valid data.

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