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8 Inspirational KPI Dashboards for Performance Tracking

A KPI Dashboard (otherwise called a business dashboard) gives a graphical portrayal of Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, and Measures utilized by an association to screen performance. They give organizations and administrators a basic tool to check on the advancement of business goals and settle on information-driven business choices all the more proficiently. 

What are KPIs? 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the basic (key) pointers of progress toward a planned outcome. KPIs direct our focus on vital functional improvement and insightful reasoning for a business decision. As Peter Drucker broadly said, "What gets measured gets done." Here’s how you can track KPIs with MyDash.

Various ventures and offices use dashboards for specific purposes - from the fast-paced sales segment to the manufacturing segment. Here is a list of dashboards that are utilized to measure KPIs across a range of industries and verticals.

The Sales Dashboard

An ever-increasing number of organizations are profiting with real-time sales KPIs across teams. 

It's not simply the teams and team leaders that profit from this. Sales leaders can see this data on their dashboards without any delay until the end of a sales period. Who is performing the best? Is the group or office accomplishing its aggregate objectives?

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Sales by region
  • Total Sales Revenue
  • Closing Ratio

Check out Klipfolio's Sales dashboard here

The Marketing Dashboard

Marketing teams today have loads of data to decipher. Data from social media, websites, e-mails, store-interactions, physical form fill-outs, and more. Therefore, it is helpful to have a dashboard to sift through that data and make it manageable. Not only that, but dashboards will also make the data decipherable.

A marketing dashboard can be used to track leads and other marketing-related information.

Check out Good Data's Marketing dashboard here on which parameters can be tracked. 

The Financial Dashboard

These provide a great way to collect data coming from financial systems and combine them with other metrics to generate meaningful insights. The data then becomes actionable for the  management to make financial decisions in a well-informed manner.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Cost of Goods
  • Gross Profit Margins
  • Overdue Invoices

Check out MyDash’'s financial dashboard here.

Customer Services

One of the measures of a good business is how many customers are retained! 

These dashboards can also help improve your response time, thus cancelling out any potential public relations hazards. They can also help to monitor all the stages in a customer's interaction and can even help analyze how to improve on the company’s methods for customer service.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Complaint percentage
  • Complaint resolution time
  • Warranty Claims

Check out InsightSquared's Customer Service dashboard here.

The Human Resources Dashboard

HR Dashboards can assist in overseeing staffing issues and employee assistance. They are the primary line of protection against good, loyal employees leaving the organization. 

Human Resource experts can have real-time access to non-attendance rates, employee satisfaction, and different measurements intended to screen an energetic labour force.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Absence Rate
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Hiring Stage

Check out Edrawsofts's HR dashboard here.

The Retail Dashboard

Knowing your clients, their propensities, and when they are bound to purchase is the key in any retail business. 

Retail Dashboards permit retailers to follow Seasonal administrative tactics and hypotheses for comparing them with the previous pattern as assistance in managing the stock.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Retail Price
  • Average Basket Spend
  • Cost of Goods

Check out Linatao's retail dashboard here

The Manufacturing Dashboard

Maintaining hardware performance at its ideal level can fetch the results needed to progress.

Constant monitoring of assembled cycles and hardware gives staff the expected data to keep the manufacturing processes running without a hitch. 

The number of units a machine is creating, the number of deformities, or even how useful an administrator is can be effectively gauged from dashboard diagrams.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Units Produced
  • Plant Productivity
  • Operators

Check out Tableau's manufacturing dashboard here.

The E-Commerce Dashboard

Because of the large chunk of automated information produced for each association from websites and other digital media, dashboards are put to good use to showcase KPIs. They become the most straightforward approach to picture that information. 

E-commerce sites will always have large amounts of data coming in and needing to be interpreted and analyzed. Dashboards can help reduce the time needed for the same.

Some KPIs on this dashboard are:

  • Average Basket Spend
  • Card Abandonment Rate
  • New vs Returning Customers

Check out Omniconvert's guide to e-commerce dashboards here.

It might be daunting at first to implement dashboards in a big organization, but you can start small. Remember even a small insight can lead to a massive profit, so don't overlook anything. If you have a unique business and think you need a custom dashboard, try out custom dashboards from Mydash here. Remember to try the free dashboard mockup as well!

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